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On seeing toys:

Color Memories of childhood toys, culture and generation

An interdisciplinary project.



Childhood Toys represent fundamental ideas, desires, and habits central to the lives of a group. These domestic objects -called toys- play an important role in the sensorial and overall development of a child.


The On seeing toys’ project evokes color memory, culture diversity, and perception. Each toy’s owner provides an extensive narrative and is video taped. It addresses the toy’s qualities, place of origin, emotions, and other memories. Next, I photograph them by placing these given toys into “described” settings using fabrics, papers and materials. Finally, the image is digitalized, and simplified to a large grid-system of color squares. The scale causes the image to morph and mutate depending on the viewer’s distance to the piece addressing a narrative of childhood memories, perception and cultural diversity.


Each image is approximately 15 feet x 8 feet (depending on the image), color paper tiles.

© S. Pease, Cactus, 2017, toy belonged to Kyle (18 years old) in California

© S. Pease, Fairy, 2017, toy belonged to Mary Ann (40 years old) in Brazil

© S. Pease, Toy belonged to Mark (11 years old) in UK bought in USA

© S. Pease, Toy belonged to Christina (24 years old) in Brussels

© S. Pease, Toy belonged to Ana (57 years old) in Lima, Peru

© S. Pease, Wooden Ninja, 2017, toy belonged to Juan (34 years old) in Chile