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The Saynatakuna book and DVD, designed by Silvia Pease, documents the people of Paukartambo featured in the ethnographic film by the same name.  The film Saynatakuna, directed and produced  by  filmmaker  Carlos  Llerena Aguirre, charts from the inside out the life, culture, meaning and process of the art of making a mask.     It also includes the performance and the dancers who interpret the intricate choreographies expressing their cultural dualities.


The Saynatakuna brand exemplifies the people and their spirits. Lots of colors, masks, and action photos of dancers  contrasting  with  a  grid  layout  and  Universe typography.  The  book  is  bilingual  (100%cyan for Spanish, black for English). Pease’s creative direction draws visual connections between the natives and the readers bringing them closer to understand and appreciate the ethnographic film also included on the DVD.


This book and DVD, limited edition, is available at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lima (MAC) and at other Cultural Institutions in USA.